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Stephen Thorn joining Chicago-Kent as adjunct law professor

30 Jul

Stephen Thorn is joining the Chicago-Kent School of Law as an Adjunct Law Professor.  He will be teaching the Advanced Legal Writing: Environmental Law course.

Nanotechnology and Environmental Law- A new blog topic

29 Jun

In light of numerous requests, we are adding nanotechnology as a new topic to our blog.  Please check back frequently for updates, add this blog to your RSS feed (under the favorites tab in Windows Explorer), or subscibe to our weekly e-mail updates (on the right of your screen).

Few new technologies have generated as much attention and buzz as nanotechnology.  The use of nanomaterials is proposed, or already in use, for medicines, electronics, biomaterials, pesticides, and numerous other applications.  While there is no universally accepted definition, nanotechnology or nanomaterials basically refers to ultra-small molecules, typically between 1 and 100 nanometers long in one dimension.  The utility of nanoparticles derives from their extremely small size, low weights, and large surface areas.  Nano-materials may be functionalized much as any other chemical.   (more…)

Stephen Thorn appointed to ISBA Environmental Section Council

18 Jun

Stephen Thorn has been appointed to the Environmental Law Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association.  The Council evaluates and makes recommendations regarding existing and proposed legislation and regulations in the environmental law field.  The Council also monitors developments in the environmental law field and disseminates relevant information to other attorneys and business, industrial, government, and agricultural interests.

If you have any questions regarding the Council, contact us at 773-609-5320 or [email protected], or through our web contact form.

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