Illinois Water Systems Notice of Violations

24 Jul

Within the past year Illinois EPA has issued numerous violation notices to water systems for failing to check chlorine residue and fluoride levels daily. When issuing these violations, IEPA cites both 35 IAC 653.605 and 35 IAC 653.704, and their reference to daily monitoring reports, as justifying the requirements for daily sampling and testing of these chemicals. However, such a reading is clearly inconsistent with the language of the regulatory framework as a whole. In regards to Chorine residue sampling, 35 IAC 653.604 (b) clearly states that tests must be performed at “frequent and regular intervals” rather than daily. Additionally, 35 IAC 653.703 states that fluoride test must be conducted on a monthly, rather than daily, schedule.

If you are concerned about the additional and unnecessary costs of these sampling requirements, or if you have any additional questions regarding IEPA enforcement and Notice of Violation (NOV) letters, please contact Thorn & Associates at 773-609-5320, [email protected], or through our web contact form.

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